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Finding Your Soul Mate

                                                             Finding Your Soulmate

                                                             By Rabbi Allen S Maller

When you grow up you will try to find the best person for you to marry. But how will know who is the best person for you? Some people believe that God matches two souls in heaven before they are born. All you have to do is find your soulmate. But you have to go to the right places to find each other.

Once there was a boy whose soul mate was a beautiful Jewish princess who lived in the same town. She was a friend of his cousin and he would have met her at his cousin’s Bat Mitsvah but he didn’t go. He didn’t go to the Bat Mitsvah because his team was in the soccer playoffs and he went to play soccer instead of going to the synagogue.

Two years later he would have met her at a Jewish camp she went to, but he didn’t because he told his parents he preferred going to a sports camp.

He almost met her four years after that when he was invited to go to a Jewish youth group dance at a nearby college. At the last moment however, he decided to go with some friends to a bar. He did meet a beautiful girl at the bar and they did like each other for a few months but then she left him for someone else that she liked better.

Years passed by and he couldn’t find his soulmate. He did meet lots of women but things never worked out. He felt sad and lonely. He felt he had missed out. He didn’t know why he couldn’t find his soulmate.

Then one day his cousin, the one whose Bat Mitsvah he hadn’t attended because we wanted to play in the soccer playoffs, told him about her friend. His cousin thought this friend would be a good person for him.

He called her and they started dating. They liked each other from the very beginning. After dating for two years they decided to get married. After they were married he would always tell his wonderful Jewish princess that she was his soulmate.

He only wished that he had met her years before at his cousin’s Bat Mitsvah. “Then we would have married earlier and I would have been a happily married man for 4 or 5 extra years.” “But you would not have been in the soccer playoffs.” she said.

I don’t care about that anymore” he said, “anyway we lost .”